Never in my whole life have I thought that I will share my own “man’s” article about bad performance, lost sexual drive and libido. When I was younger, the matter of erectile dysfunction gave the impression of something indefinite and unclear that develops mostly when men age. You can’t even imagine how devastated I was when I failed once, twice and carried on failing like that quite long? I’m only 40 years old, but the fact I have got this condition makes me feel old, to cut a long story short.

My sexual partner has been supportive at first, but then I noticed that my incapability to receive and sustain erections started concerning her even more than me, and that’s where I began being upset a lot. Ordinary pressure when doing business and sometimes at home, drinks with friends on Friday evenings, heavy smoking, no sleep and lots of hamburgers and chips consumed by me during my whole life have unexpectedly turned into a gigantic difficulty I had to get by almost immediately.